online platforms integration
& website solutions

Get things done

Optic Imprint helps creatives, small businesses and coaches to conquer the overwhelming amount of technology needed to connect with their online audience, so they can focus on what they're good at: running a business.

Websites and Blogs

Professional, out-of-the-box websites on all major platforms, including free platforms like and hosted WordPress sites.



Proofreading and copyediting of content, blog posts, newsletters, novels, non-fiction books, short stories, and free downloads.

Online Course Creation

Video editing, course development, branding, setup and technical support.

Podcast & Video Transcription

Expand your audience, optimize your audio and video for SEO, make it search engine friendly.


Social Networks Integration

Integrate all social media channels into your website, add Twitter and Instagram feeds, Facebook page badges, add social network icons.


Newsletter and List Building

Setup email marketing service, newsletter design, auto-sequences, sign-up forms on website, list segmentation, lead magnet setup.

Epub & Kindle e-books

Create Kindle, epub, and PDF e-books to promote your business or product, establish authority, and use as a lead magnet.

Monthly Maintenance

From small to extensive maintenance packages. Plugins, updates, backups, broken links, general well being.

how can i help you?

I design professional, out-of-the-box websites on all platforms (paid and free) for authors and small businesses, and I offer setup services to help them get up and running as soon as possible. Whether it’s sign-up forms, social network integration, or free downloads (known as lead magnets), you never have to worry about wrestling technology into shape again. Newsletter design? A new Facebook Page cover? I’ve got you covered. I can even help with monthly maintenance on your site to keep it running smoothly.

I am also a really good proofreader. Just sayin’.

Website showcase

Here are some real life websites I’ve done to demonstrate the most popular platforms: a hosted WordPress site, and the free Blogger and platforms.

Praise for Optic Imprint

“Everyone told me I must have a website and that a self-hosted WordPress site was the best. So I got that. They said I needed a list, so I paid for the best marketing automation system recommended by an expert. But I still didn’t know how to make these things work for me as an author. Elmi changed the game. Now I don’t have to learn how to add my new book or a sign-up form to my website—I just tell her to do it. When I need to set up a new list for a new pen name—Elmi knows how. I can focus on building my backlist and connecting with fans, no more worrying about things I don’t understand..” Leo Romero


Let’s Start Something Beautiful

Tell me what your biggest tech frustration is as an author—no strings or obligations, promise. Free speech in action!